Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bipartisan Bloodlust for Mortgage Lenders but Congress Blind to Borrower Fraud?

Congress Investigates Housing Bubble Mortgage Lenders: Bipartisan Inquisition Starts Today.

Congress today eyes new restrictions on your access to money:

“Ideas that seemed out of the mainstream today may become mainstream in the future”— Andy Laperriere, International Strategy and Investment, quoted by Caroline Baum at Bloomberg.com

Bipartisan Bloodlust . . . but Blind to Borrower Fraud?

Barney Frank (D-MA) and Spencer Bachus (R-AL), party leaders of the House Financial Services Committee, vowed to hold mortgage-bond investors liable for deceptive lending practices—but I saw no intention to investigate deceptive borrowing practices.

Does predatory borrowing get a free pass?

Check your C-Span listings and make the popcorn.

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