Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bernanke's Fed Punishes Commodities: Burn the Bears

Bernanke Lashes the Anti-Bubble Heretics

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke burned stock-market short-sellers with his first Wall Street bailout in August 2007 and again on March 18, 2008 with his less-than-expected 75 basis-point (75bps) Federal Funds target interest-rate cut.

The Fed temporarily pulled the rug out from under bears who had stampeded into commodities to escape equities.

The government's surreal attempts to argue that the economy is fine contrast sharply with the harsh reality of Bernanke panicking the Fed target rate down to 2.25% (negative real interest rate) and your emergency Chinese Payday Loan known as the Bush stimulus package (falsely called a "tax rebate" check).

Suppress Dissenters who Question the Overleveraged House of Cards

Bernanke is developing a habit of sniping the shorts, akin to firing into the crowd to try to keep the growing mob from storming the barricades.

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