Friday, May 15, 2009

The Great Pre-Recovery and other Orwellian Newspeak

Satire Becomes Reality in Our Economic Theater of the Absurd

I previously satirized the fanciful, pollyanish economic spin of the bubble bulls by coining the following phrase:

The Great Pre-Recovery

The Great Pre-Recovery is an Orwellian euphemism for The Great Depression II (our current economy).


The Great Pre-Recovery satirized the real attempt to push nationalization with the term, "pre-privatization"--shamelessly using the term "privatization" to describe the opposite of privatization, the end of private property (government siezure).

Pre-privatized is like a bank robber demanding a pre-deposit at gunpoint.

Bush could have described his Iraq invasion as a pre-withdrawal.

Pre-recovery is the opposite of recovery, before recovery, the lack of any recovery.

Now, truth is as strange as fiction as a real financial analyst uses the "pre-recovery" term:

“The data says contraction is slowing,” said Andrew Richman, who oversees $10 billion in fixed-income assets as a strategist in West Palm Beach, Florida, for SunTrust Bank’s personal-asset management division. “It’s a sign of pre- recovery and it’s negative for Treasuries.” ("Treasuries Fall as Reports Show Improved Manufacturing Outlook," Susanne Walker, Bloomberg, 5/15/09, Hat tip: Mish)
Parody is difficult when real-life "experts"/"leaders" reach new levels of absurdity every day.

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