Monday, May 4, 2009

Obama and Bernanke Enforce Dystopian Farce

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Do you have your 27B-stroke-6?

TARPistanian President Obama, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and the rest of the Rube Goldberg crew seem to be enforcing Terry Gilliam's 1985 dystopian farce, Brazil, with its Central Services government (dis)functionary repairmen, Spoor and Dowser.

"So we can differ on some of the particulars, but . . . doing nothing, that's not an option from my perspective."--Barack Obama, 2/9/09 press conference
Ben "Spoor" Bernanke: "Economies don't fix THEMSELVES!"
Barack "Dowser" Obama: "Don'tfixthemselvessir!"

"[G]et the credit markets flowing again, because that's the lifeblood of the economy."--Barack Obama, 2/9/09 press conference
Ben "Spoor" Bernanke: "This is an H2206, authorizing the compulsory, temporary, requistioning of this economy . . . for unnecessary repairs."
Barack "Dowser" Obama: "Repairs!"

Why the "repairs" are unnecessary:

Credit was and is too cheap.
It's not a credit supply crunch.
Credit levels hit record high.
Government "doing something" is what caused the mess.
The "reforms" perpetuate the problems.
The "solutions" prevent the solution.

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